Saturday, December 1, 2007

Lovely Evening

Our friends are holding us close right now. Last night we were invited to an evening with friends up the road, it was also our holiday kick-off party.

Jennifer made an amazing meal for us (Clarence took care of all the post-dinner clean-up). We had an unnamed predinner drink made from frozen fruit juice, red wine and rum! Wow! They were good but potent. I'm glad that I only had one or I would be paying the price today. Mark slurped down 2, as he worked on his 3rd I mentioned the rum; he stopped there.

Dinner was a Mediterranean lamb shank, oven roasted for 12 hours (it was so tender) with tomatoes, onions and lots of garlic; mashed potatoes - topped with toasted parmesan cheese; a chopped salad (cucumbers, red onion, yellow peppers, green olives, feta cheese in a lemon vinaigrette) and French style green beans. Even the beans were special, they were home grown this summer, hand cut into French style, blanched and frozen, then yesterday they were steamed & served with a bit of sea salt and butter. Then we had a fabulous dessert, a variation on flan, served with blackberries & whipped cream. WOW! What a treat.

After dinner, some nice conversation where we learned more about our friends' childhoods. We also talked about how we met and fell in in love since both couples are celebrating milestone anniversaries this year.

As inspiration for today's post, I'm including a photo of the beautiful view here on the Point. We are all lucky to live in such a picturesque place.

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