Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ahh, out of Washington State - finally

Trouble, trouble everywhere...especially at the Cost-Co Tire Shop. We had a sidewall flat right before we crossed the border. We drove, on our spare, to the first tire shop that had "our brand" of tires. On Tuesday night, I called the Cost-Co tire shop, spoke to the manager and he told me to be at the shop by 9:30 on Wednesday morning after I explained that I had a 2:15 p.m. appointment in Mukilteo. Because I had a 10:45 am eye appointment at the Cost-Co, Mark drew the straw of staying at the hotel with the doggies.

9:25 a.m. I arrived at the tire shop, the Manager assured me that they would be finished with the replacement between noon and 1:00, no problem. I checked back in with the tire shop at noon and guess what? They asked me to come back in an hour. 1:00 I went back to the shop (by this time I was very, very tired of wandering around in Cost-Co. At this point they told me that they were running late and it would be at least another 30 minutes.

They then told me that they were two technicians short handed - that would have been good to know earlier, when we could actually have a chance of doing something about it. Long story short...I missed my 2:15 appointment and didn't leave Cost-Co until 3:00. Poor Mark got kicked out of the hotel room (either that or pay for another night) and sat in the lobby for 3 hours will all of our bags and both dogs. The insult was that after we left the Bellingham Cost-Co we had to stop at the Burlington Cost-Co to pick up my meds for the next 2 months ($1881....YIKES).

Today went better, sort of. My appointment with Dr. Lawrence went better but then we had to endure the detour around the closed section of I-5. We left Dr. Lawrence's office at 10:30, drove through an hour long snow storm, and made it to the hotel in Cascade Locks by 6:00.

BUT - there were blessings in all of this. The tire "went flat" but didn't "blow-out". We had a spare. The Cost-Co had our tires. We safely made it through the snow storm. The traffic only got bad at the last interchange before the detour. We were able to get a great room at our favorite hotel in Cascade Locks. They gave us a discount at the hotel in Lynnwood (night before last) and tonight, too. I met a terrific pastor (non-denominational church in Vancouver) in the line-up at the tire center, had a terrific discussion and enjoyed a great fellowship with him while we waited.

Today the weather was leaden gray but, interestingly, the visibility was amazing even though the sky was cloudy, threatening and finally delivering snow. Hope you enjoy the photo. You can see miles and miles even though the sky is sodden with moisture.

Mark has started the Atkins diet for his presurgery prep. Can't believe that we are in the last two weeks of the countdown. This time, next year, he'll be 50 - 100 lbs. lighter. Wow! Will it be like getting a new and improved husband? I told Jessica at Dr. Lawrence's office, that I'm trading in the Pillsbury Dough Boy for a Stud Muffin (grin).

Blessings to all of you. Judy and Mark

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