Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Marching (driving) to Zion...

We arrived in Utah yesterday evening, safe and sound except for a small problem with an attempted break-in of our travel trailer. Some young adults tried to break into the travel trailer. Mark happened to be standing on the balcony of the hotel (too cold to use the travel trailer). He watched them for awhile then asked them what they were doing. The answer was that they were trying to figure out "how it works". Mark's attention sent them on their way. Next morning we discovered that they had cracked/broken the rock screen. We made a quick trip to the RV shop and got a repair kit. It isn't pretty but it won't break in two. That gives us time to order a replacement after we get back.

We are at the Cliff Rose in Springdale, Utah, right outside the gates of Zion Park. They were able to give us our favorite room, facing the river & the gorgeous red cliff. The same people own the property as when we started visiting here 15 years ago.

Today we will spread some of Wisdom's ashes. This was one of her favorite places. I'll share more about that later with some photos of the park.

The roads have been clear, the sun has been shining and it was 53 degrees yesterday! But, we have now traveled into the mountains and it will be in the 30s today. Please pray for our safe travel, we have been lucky with the storms staying in front of us but this next few days we will be between storms due to one waiting in the NW.

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