Thursday, November 29, 2007

Heaven has one more Angel

...this is from Mark....

When Wisdom's spirit left her body it filled the room and showed its light and miraculous size;
much larger than her little body.

I wanted to look up to see the colors and the stars in her spirit with my eyes instead of my heart, but my eyes were too filled with tears.

As her spirit moved upward, God caused the ceiling and roof to vanish so he could take her away with him, to a better state of being. I could almost feel and hear Wisdom's spirit moving to join God as it whooshed away to heaven.

Judy said, "it was holy moment" when Wisdom's spirit joined God. Dr. Hannah said, "I felt it too; I always do" and "I can't imagine there being a heaven without dogs".

Heaven has one more angel:

Redhill's Saintly Wisdom

10-12-91 to 11-26-07


poetinahat said...

There is *no* way there's a Heaven without dogs. God bless Wisdom and God bless you and Mark.

Lovely story; thank you for sharing it with us Judy.

Kevin said...

Thanks for sharing this very touching post with us, Judy. My thoughts to you and your family.

Terry from Tozer said...

Marks's words of Wisdom's passing struck me in such a spiritual a person who doesn't define herself in a spiritual way....I felt as if I was there with you guys when Wisdom passed. When Tinker (our cat of 20 years) I was not there; nor was I there when Andrew buried her in our courtyard -- said after-the-fact that he was "sparing" me...I don't think I agree with that...but the moment had passed by that time. I wish I could have been there for Tinker in the way you guy were for Wisdom.