Thursday, November 29, 2007

Trying to come back to life...

Middle dog, Mercy

It has been quiet and very sad around our house. First day without Wisdom was very difficult. Mark had to go to Parksville so I was home alone. There were many times my subconscious would think "I need to check on Wisdom" then my heart would clutch and my conscious mind would remember that she was gone. Then I would start to cry. At least the out-of-control crying has stopped. I have found people offering condolences the hardest, I think the feelings are too raw right now.

Middle dog, Mercy, didn't leave her bed for two days except to go outside and do her duty. Youngest dog, Joy has been more connected, I think because she watched what was happening Monday night from the sidelines. Joy has been comfort-seeking and comfort-providing.

Today, Mercy has started participating in the household and Joy has stopped looking for Wisdom; so I think they are moving through this. When we leave for vacation it will be better for them. The new places, new smells and the adventure will help the time Wisdom was with us move farther into the past.

Mark had to stay home for a conference call today and I had physio so I needed to go to Comox. I think it was easier to be away from the house. After I came home, it was hard, because Mark went through the same things I had yesterday (the heart clutching) so it was emotional after I got home.

I think I'll wash her bed tomorrow and start to put some of her things away. I had an idea of framing her collar (it's a beautiful leather collar) with a photo of her. Do you think that is too odd?

Thank you all for your words of comfort and caring. Prayers are most appreciated, as is positive & healing energy if prayer isn't part of your life. HUGS!

Baby dog, Joy

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