Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hello from Sunny Oklahoma!

What an incredible day. My Dad treated me to a Dad & Daughter Day in downtown Oklahoma City. After a visit to the Murrah Building Memorial (I'll share that in a later posting), we visited the Oklahoma City Museum of Art and saw the Dale Chihuly ( Exhibit. It is a permanent installation for the Museum. The photos above are of the installation in the lobby of the Museum. It stands 55' tall and weighs over 3 tons. The light was amazing (it was a beautiful, clear blue-skied day) and the detail of the piece is overwhelming.

We spent some time visiting the American Impressionists traveling exhibit and then had desert and coffee in the Museum Cafe (don't tell my Mom - she has my Dad on a diet).

We then took a detour to drive through Brick Town (fantastic place to stay, eat, play & enjoy art). This is a new bronze installation commemorating the Centennial of Oklahoma's Statehood (

Another amazing experience. The bronze pieces are larger than life and incorporate both the natural grassland and canal running through the park in Brick Town. Well worth a visit! Plus, for your fishing and outdoor fans, it is steps from the parking lot of a very large Bass Pro Store (grin).

It was fantastic to finally do some sightseeing. I've been here since Christmas and it has taken much t.l..c, many hours of sunlight, home cooking and lots (LOTS) of sleep to finally feel like getting out. We also found a fantastic therapist for me (close to where my parents live). When I first got here, I could barely make it to the grocery store before needing to go home. I've even spent several days in my pajamas, feeling so bad that I couldn't get dressed - ugh!

There is a downside to being here, they may need to widen the border for me to get back home. My Mom is such a fabulous cook. Lunch today was homemade meat loaf, green beans, Jacque Pipan's potatoes (his Grandmother's recipe), home canned sweet pickle relish and I can't remember what else. Yesterday it was pork loin roast in a mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes, salad, fried okra and cranberry/orange/walnut relish.

Tomorrow is home made vegetable soup with cornbread (made from scratch and cooked in a cast-iron skillet). Yikes! My waistline is in trouble. For my own survival, I've been having a very tiny breakfast (like an apple or two Graham crackers), eating a big lunch and a small dinner (tonight I had a sandwich). Hopefully sticking to that plan will keep me from being mistaken for an whale on the Ferry.

Love to you all! Judy

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